Still Spirits Top Shelf Cappuccino

Still Spirits Top Shelf Cappuccino


<!--Cream-->Still Spirits Top Shelf Cappuccino

This 50ml bottle of Top Shelf Cappuccino Liqueur Essence is added to base spirit to produce a coffee flavoured cream liqueur with a delicate chocolate flavour.

All liqueurs vary from one another in terms of flavour, thickness and sweetness. Top shelf liqueur essences are best made with appropriate strength alcohol and one of the three Top Shelf Liqueur bases, Still Spirits Schnapps Base or Cream Liqueur base packs, which are designed to help match the style of the liqueur being made.

To make 1.125L, add this essence take 500ml of base spirit at approx 40%ABV together with Top Shelf Cream Liqueur Base and top up to 1.125L with pure water. (200ml of Sugar and 500ml of Cream can be used instead of the Cream Liqueur Base).

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