Beer Kits - Colchester Homebrew Supplies

With an average of 110 different varieties in stock, we offer a complete range of budget, standard and premium homebrew beer kits from the simple "just add water and sugar" type to those supplying full malt extract and hop powder to enable you to adjust the brew completely to your own taste.

The "Single Can" varieties of homebrew kit generally contain between 1.5-1.8kgs of malt extract and require the addition of 1kg of sugar to brew 40 pints. A smoother, richer flavour can be achieved by using either brewers sugar, spray dried malt or beer enhancer powder (a mixture of brewing sugar and dried malt extract).
The premium "All Malt Extract" kits tend to contain between 3.0-3.6kgs of malt extract and require no additional sugar during the primary fermentation period to brew 36-40 pints. As they contain considerably more malt than the single can kits, the all malt extract varieties produce a much fuller, richer smoother flavoured beer.