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Festival Premium Ale is a range of premium quality homebrew beer kits from Ritchies, which set new standards in kit brewing when introduced in July 2012. These kits use 3kgs of finest quality malt extract, packed in the new style flexi-pouches, to brew a variety of beers of different styles and strengths so that you can have your own personal Beer Festival at home.

Each kit also contains a sachet of genuine brewers yeast of the type that is most appropriate for the style of beer being made and a measured amount of hop pellets to allow brewers to dry hop the beer during fermentation or kegging to improve the flavour and aroma.

Some of the Festival kits  provide an additional amount of brewers sugar in order to increase the alcohol content without needing to use larger amounts of Malt Extract and thus run the risk of altering the flavour balance and the body of the beer.

Each Festival Premium Ale homebrew beer kit is packaged in a specially designed box that incorporates a truly representative photograph of the brewed beer so that you can clearly see the colour of the finished brew. A tasting panel is also provided to give a clearer idea of the taste, flavour and bitterness of each beer.

These are purely refill ingredient packs and you will need a basic equipment starter pack to make them if you do not already have any fermentation/storage equipment.

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