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If you are using barrels or kegs to store and condition your beer, rather than bottles, you will find that, sooner or later, the pressure begins to drop in your barrel and it becomes harder and harder to serve your beer. (This usually happens if you haven't conditioned the beer for long enough or if you draw too many pints in quick succession.)
When this happens, unless you are prepared to drink flat beer or abandon the remaining brew, you will have to inject additional CO2 or N2O to maintain serving pressure. We have a variety of gas injection systems and supplies to allow you to maintain your beer at its optimum condition and pressure.
Whilst CO2 and N2O are completely safe, when they are compressed into cylinders they fall foul of the "Hazardous Goods" regulations and cannot be shipped via the Royal Mail. If you have any CO2 or N2O cylinders in your order, you MUST choose the Courier delivery option.

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