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Christmas Holiday 2017

We will be open as normal until 15.30 on Saturday 23rd of December and then close until 09.00 on Saturday 30th December, when we will open until 13.30 in case you need to come in for replacement Gas Cylinders. We will re-open as normal at 09.30 on Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Any orders received after 3.30pm on Thursday 21st December will not be shipped until we return in 2018.

Muntons Gold beer kits contain 3.0kgs of malted barley and require no further fermentable material to produce up to 40 pints of smooth, rich, full bodied beer. The two cans in these boxes are not always made up of identical contents, so you can not assume that they can be made as two 20 pint kits.

These are purely refill ingredient packs and you will need a basic equipment starter pack to make them if you do not already have any fermentation/storage equipment.

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