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Many of the New World hops are quite low yielding as they go through stages of variable "popularity", the growers are sometimes unable to keep pace with demand for whatever is the current "in" hop. This means that, from time to time, some of the high alpha acid, flavouring and aroma hops may be out of stock until the next year's harvest is released. A hop substitution chart, produced by Brupaks, can be viewed and downloaded here.

The vast majority of our hops are whole dried hops. They are supplied by Brupaks and come pre-packed in 100g vacuum packs. Occasionally we stock Youngs and Ritchies hops, which tend to be supplied as compressed blocks of dried hops.

Hop Pellets are also available from Hambleton Bard and Youngs, but whilst the range is constantly expanding, the selection of these is limited in comparison to the varieties of whole dried hops that are available.

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