6 Bottle White Wine Kits - Colchester Homebrew Supplies

Our white wine kits are made from the finest ingredients and use the juice from the same grape varieties used in commercial wines. They produce 6 bottles of wine in around 3 weeks. Whilst your wine will usually be "drinkable" as soon as it has finished fermenting and clearing, like commercial wines it will improve considerably if left to mature for at least 3-6 months. Some home wine makers prefer to make up 6 bottles kits rather than 30 bottle kits as it takes less time to sterilise the bottles and equipment needed for 6 bottles than it does to clean and sterilise 30 bottles and is is less expensive when trying out a new variety.
These are purely refill ingredient packs and you will need a basic equipment starter pack to make them if you do not already have any fermentation/storage equipment.
ALLERGY INFO: These kits use Crustacean products as part of the clearing process. If you are Vegetarian, Vegan or Allergic to Shellfish, we would suggest you purchase a pot of Bentonite.

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