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One of the oldest established homebrew kits, Geordie used to be produced using barley syrup and had a reputation for having a harsh aftertaste. There can't be too many homebrewers over the age of 30 who haven't made a Geordie Kit at one time or another and, whilst most quickly moved on to more expensive and better produced kits, Geordie beer kits still have a loyal following and continue to provide an ideal introduction to the brewing hobby and are great standbys for light fruity ales that are perfect for summer barbecues.
These beer kits are now manufactured by Muntons of Stowmarket in East Anglia's traditional malting heartland, and contain 1.5 kgs of pure malted barley, which produces a much bettter brew. Simply add water and 1kg of sugar, brewing sugar or beer enhancer to make 40 pints at home.
These are purely refill ingredient packs and you will need a basic equipment starter pack to make them if you do not already have any fermentation/storage equipment.

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