How much can I save by making my own beer and wine

Apart from the great pleasure that can be obtained from making your own beer and wine, it is posisble to save a huge amount of money compared to the cost of shop bought beers and wines*. For example, whilst the initial set up costs of the brewing or winemaking equipment and storage equipment mean that you will only just about break even on the first batch you make, the cost of the "refill" kits means that you can save substantial amounts on all subsequent brews.

Type of Wine

To Buy (75ml Bottle)

To Make (75ml Bottle) Notes
Everyday,Barbecue,Social, Table wines  £2.50-£3.99  £0.82-£1.25 Based on 26/28 bottles from a nominal 30 pint kit in the Magnum, Winebuddy, Cellar 7, Solmon Grundy and Cantina range
Mid Range wine suitable for pairing with food  £4.50-£6.99  £1.55-£1.75 Based on 28 bottles from the Beaverdale, Vintners Reserve or Kenridge Classic range
Quality Wines  £7.99-£12.99  £2.65-£4.45 Based on 28 bottles from the Kenridge Showcase, Selection Premium, Wine Expert Eclipse or Cellar Craft ranges.
Type of Beer To buy (per 500ml can/bottle) To make (per 500ml bottle or poured pint) Notes 
Supermarket own lager, bitter and cider £0.65-0.95 £0.36-£0.39 Based on 38 pints from a 40 pint kit in the Youngs Harvest, John Bull, Geordie or Coopers standard range
Easy drinking Bitters and Lagers and Cider £0.80-£0.99 £0.43-£0.48 Based on 38 pints from a 40 pint kit in the Coopers Premium, Muntons Connoisseur or Tom Caxton Range
General Ciders, Perry and Flavoured Ciders £1.99-£2.19 £0.53-£0.65 Based on 38 pints from a 40 pint kit in the On the Rocks, Bulldog or Youngs Craft range
Premium Ales, Gold Ales, Bitters, Stouts £1.15-£1.79 £0.58-£0.72 Based on 36/38 pints from a 36/40 pint kit in the Woodfordes, St Peters, Brupak, Festival, Youngs Craft or Muntons Craft Ale range
 Premium American Style APA and IPAs  £1.79-£1.99 (330ml) £0.35-£0.40 Based on 65 * 330ml bottles from a 40 pint kit in the Bulldog, Youngs Craft or Festival range (£0.59-£0.66 a pint)

 As you can see, brewing your own beer and wine is considerably less expensive* than buying commercially produced products.

*Prices correct as of January 2016 when checked against the prices charged for commercially produced Beer and Wine on sale in Tesco's Highwoods store in Colchester.