Mangrove Jacks Kit Survey

We are consdering extending the range of Mangrove Jack's kits we stock. Which of the following would you consider buying if we add them to the shop?

They all contain between 2.0-2.5kgs of Premium Malt Extract and are supplied with a varietal Mangrove Jack's Yeast pack. Most also have a pack of hop pellets to allow you to dry hop and improve the flavour and aroma of your beer. They will mostly require the addition of 1kg of Dextrose (Brewing Sugar) or Beer Enhancer, or you can add a can of Liquid Malt Extract (if you really want to push the boat out), but make fairly strong, full flavoured beers, though some of the range are "short brewed" so need you to add less "additional fermentables".

American Amber Ale - a vibrant amber coloured ale, malty but with citrus and grapefruit undertones. Approx 4.8% ABV and 26-30 IBU bitterness
American IPA - a vibrant gold coloured American IPA at approx 5.6%ABV and 45-55 IBU bitterness
American Pale Ale - a burnished gold coloured Pale Ale, with rich malt and biscuit flavours. Approx 4.4%ABV and 25-35 IBU bitterness
Bavarian Wheat Beer - a hazy gold Wheat Beer. Approx 4.7% ABV and 12-18 IBU bitterness
Belgian Saison - a clear gold, creamy beer with spicy undertones. Brewed to 18l it has an ABV of approx 6.2% and 22-28 IBU bitterness
Irish Red Ale - a rich copper coloured fruity ale with hints of caramel. Approx 4.3% ABV and 18-24 IBU bitterness
Pink Grapefruit IPA - a vibrant gold IPA inspired by Brewdog's "Elvis Juice Citrus IPA". Approx 5.7% ABV and 35-45 IBU bitterness
Red IPA - a dark amber, malty IPA with fruit flavours and a dry bitterness. Approx 5.3% ABV and 40-45 IBU bitterness
Roasted Stout - a dark black, rich, creamy stout. Approx 4.9% ABV and 40-50 IBU bitterness
Single Hopped Simcoe IPA - a vibrant gold, dry IPA with strong passionfruit and apricot aromas. Approx 5.6% ABV and 48-56 IBU bitterness

Please tick all that you would consider buying.

Mangrove Jacks Beer Kit Survey
  • Mangrove Jack's Craft Ale Series - 2.0-2.5kgs of Malt:

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Depending upon how popular they appear to be, we will add them to our stock, probably as a monthly "Special Edition". There are others inthe range, but as I don't like the sound of any of them (and I have to drink anything we don't sell), I won't be getting them in unless I am specifically asked to do so.....