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We've discovered that Rum is fun !

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While we were away on holiday, we dicovered Rum Cocktails in a big way and have started to work our way through the Still Spirits Range to make up some batches of Rum and Liqueurs to use in homemade cocktails.

The Classic Range of flavoured essences are the easiest to use as you simply add them to 1ltr of base spirit or cheap shop bought vodka and they are ready to drink. If you have access to a lot of base spirit, the Top Shelf Range of flavoured essences are better value as 1/3rd of a bottle of essence is added to 733ml of spirit to make up a standard UK size bottle of the spirit.

Most of the Liqueur and Schnapps essences are added to 750ml of base spirit and an appropriate "Base" pack, before being watered down to 1.125ltrs to reduce the alcohol content to around 23-27% ABV, so as to match the strength of commercial liqueurs and schnapps.

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