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Wells Bombadier Ale

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I've decided to try and brew a version of an all grain version of Wells Bombadier Ale to take up to Chester when we visit our friends at the end of February. None of the standard recipe books have a recipe for this beer, so I looked at the brewer's website and the back of a few cans and bottles and came up with the following approximation:

4100g of Pale Malt
345g of Crystal Malt
37g of Chocolate Malt

35g of Challenger Hops (6.99% AA) - 90 mins
25g of Fuggle Hops (4.1% AA) - 15 mins

This is designed to give an Original Gravity of 1044, an EBU colour rating of 34 and an EBC bitterness of 34. The Chocolate malt is added just to give a bit of extra colour and flavour depth without having to use too much Crystal malt to achieve the same colour rating.

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