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Stark Naked Wines

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Muntons have just released a range of Ultra-Premium Quality 15 bottle wine kits that contain 11 litres of top quality 100% unconcentrated Varietal Grape Juice and no additional sugars. These brand new kits are made directly from undiluted pressed varietal grape juice obtained specially sourced directly from approved vineyards and represent possibly the finest quality ingredients available to home wine makers. No additional water is added so your wine is as rich and full flavoured as commercial wines made from the same grapes would be.

The kits are designed to make 15 bottles and fit superbly into the Muntons 15 bottle wine fermenters.

Muntons advise that the "Stark Naked" name was chosen to signify the unadulterated nature of the ingredients, rather than as an incitement to adopt a new approach to your winemaking technique... 

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  1. thomas p burns

    Where does this wine juice come from? A lot of my friends want to know.


    Muntons advise that they purchase the grape juice directly from a variety of European growers. Some comes via co-operatives, some from individual vineyards. I am told that if the range proves to be successful, they will be extending the range and may well include some varieties that are "vineyard/grower" specific.

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  2. thomas p burns

    I hadn't got a 15 litre bucket for my Stark Naked wine, so I used a 23 litre bucket. Will that be all right?


    We have found that the fermentation can be quite lively on some of these wine kits, so starting it in a 23ltr bucket may be a better option, especially as you have double pitched the yeast. Andy

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  3. thomas p burns

    I put the yeast into cold must and nothing happened. I warmed up one gallon of the must and added 5 more grammes of yeast and fermentation started. Will this do any harm to the wine?


    The must should be between 18° and 24°C at all times. If you pitched the yeast when it was too cold, nothing will have happened. Warming up the must would probably have re-started the fermentation without the need to add extra yeast, but having done so will do little harm - other than potentially make for a very enthusiastic fermentation. Andy

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