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Severalls Business Park Closure

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We had a bit of excitement yesterday when the whole of Severalls Business Park, including the part in which we are based, was brought to a standstill becasue of a mystery chemical/fume release. A group of council workers in one of the nearby buildings reported feeling unwell as a result of inhaling fumes and before we knew it, the estate was cordoned off and a 400m exclusion zone had been created. At one point we had numerous police cars, 6 fire engines and 12 ambulances in the area and even the BBC Look East news crew.

Fortunately, nobody was seriously affected and we even managed to get a nice advert on prime time TV as one of the shots showed two of the firemen walking back towards the control post:

chs on look east news

The estate returned to normal about 7.00pm last night and we have been allowed to open as normal this morning.

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  1. Matty D

    Come on, spill the beans.... Which air lock was pumping that stuff out?


    Oddly, the fire brigade were unable to discover the source of the fumes, either internally in the council office at the heart of the event, or as a leak from any of the surrounding buildings. But on the positive side, it was a nice day to have a half day off...

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