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Moorhouses Pendle Witches Brew

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This weekend I am brewing a version of Moorhouses Pendle Witches Brew, based on the recipe in Graham Wheeler's book. Named after the famous witches of Pendle Forest in Lancashire who were hanged in 1612, this strong, copper coloured ale is one that I had thought of brewing last year, but put off as the recipe is similar to that used in Black Sheep Ale which I brewed in June 2010.

3790g of Pale Malt
375g of Crystal Malt
330g of Brewing Sugar
235g of Torrefied Wheat

47g of Fuggle Hops (5.98%AA) for 90 minutes
9g of Fuggle Hops (5.98%AA) for 15 minutes

There are quite a lot of hops in it and the alcohol is boosted by using sugar rather than an extra 450-500g of pale malt which would increased the body and residual sweetness. It has an OG of 1051, a bitterness level of 30EBU and a colour of 23EBC

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