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Woodfordes Sundew Golden Ale

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The long awaited replacement for the popular, but now withdrawn, Woodfordes Great Eastern Ale kit, has finally been approved by the Woodfordes head brewer and is due to be released in the middle of April. Called Sundew Ale it will be a light golden, lightly hopped, citrusy beer at an expected strength of approximately 4.1% ABV.

I have 9 boxes on preorder from our supplier and expect to have it in store by the third week of April. Obviously, only 8 of those 9 will be available for purchase as one of them will immediately be being put on as a taster.

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  1. warburtons tim

    Any result/ taste opinions on this one yet Andy. Sounds like one a lager idiot like me might enjoy cheers! ---------------------------------------------------------------- 29/6/2012 The Sundew has been in the barrel and bottles for around 6 weeks and has changed quite a lot in that time. When it was first broached after two weeks, it was very floral and citrusy and a touch too sharp for my liking. As it has aged, the barrel version has mellowed dramatically. The bottled version is clean and crisp, but much better if served chilled.

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