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Brewers Spring Beer kits now in stock

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Vineco, the Canadian winemaking giant responsible for the Kenridge and California Connoisseur wine kit ranges, has released a brand new range of beer and lager kits for the UK homebrew market. Containing 7.5ltrs of concentrated brewers wort, the Brewers Spring range contains the highest amount of liquid extract of any kit currently available in the UK.

Available in a range of flavours, the beer kits currently feature worts based on Continental Pilsner, Lager and Mexican Cervesa for lager drinkers and pale coloured, reasonably hopped "Light" and "Draft" ales for beer drinkers.

When we get them in store in the next two weeks, we expect that the retail price will be somewhere near to £28.99 because of the higher level of wort than would normally be found in a premium quality 2 can beer kit.

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