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Abbot Ale Clone Update

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I've just barrelled the Abbot Ale Clone as the gravity has dropped to 1010 and have noticed that the colour, whilst being more or less at the EBC of 14 that I was aiming for, is a little lighter than I had hoped to achieve. As a result, and after a visit to my local supermarket to hold up a bottle to reassess the colour, I have decided that it should, in fact, have an EBC of around 18-20, so I will adjust the recipe to alter the balance of the Amber and Crystal Malt used.

I suspect that a grain bill of:

Grain EBC
 Maris Otter Pale Malt
 5  4750g
 Amber Malt
 100  250g
 Crystal Malt
 120  125g

would achieve the desired colour result, but may slightly unbalance the flavour.

10g of Black Malt would achieve the same colour and probably wouldn't be overly discernible in the flavour profile. I will brew another batch in the New Year and see how it works.  

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