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Festival Premium Ale Kits - New Range available soon

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Ritchies have announced the release of a brand new range of premium quality, two can kits which will contain 3kgs of Malt Extract, Genuine brewers yeast strains to match the beer style and packs of hop pellets to allow home brewers to boost the aroma and flavour of their brews.The new range will be marketed under the "Festival Premium Ales" brand and will initially comprise six varietal beer kits that aim to match well known beer styles and allow you to create your own mini Beer Festival at home.

Festival Ale Pump ClipThe kits are due to be released at the end of July and will include:

Landlords Finest Bitter - a classic pale ale made with Celeia and Admiral hops

Golden Stag Summer Ale - a golden beer full of citrus flavours from Cascade and Columbus hops

Old Suffolk Strong Ale - a rich, strong beer with sweetness and vanilla flavours balanced with the use of Boadicea hops

Father Hooks Bitter - a full bodied, malty beer with marmalade flavours from Bramling Cross and Apollo hops

Pilgrims Hope Best Bitter - a rich malty ale with tropical fruit flavours from Target and Summit hops

Pride of London Porter - a smooth porter where the rich flavours of Chocolate and Roasted malts are balanced by Target hop bitterness.

These are all designed to make 40 pints and whilst most will be in the 4.3-4.6% ABV range, the Pilgrims Hope Bitter, Pride of London Porter and Old Suffolk Ale are in the 5-6% ABV range and have an appropriate amount of brewing sugar provided to enable you to increase the strength without unbalancing the beer or overpowering the bitterness by using higher levels of malt extract.

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  1. Colin

    Sound great, can't wait to try one.

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