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  1. Many people making homebrewed lager are disappointed with the results becasue they don't end up with a brew that is overly close to a commercial lager. This isn't because homebrew lager kits are poor quality, just that lager can actually be quite difficult to get absolutely right. Commercial brewers ferment lagers at much lower temperatures than beers and ales and also tend not to bottle condition their products.

  2. It is nearly that time of year again when the Elderflowers start to bloom and people want to make "Elderflower Wine" and "Elderflower Champagne". If you have made wine before, it is relatively straightforward to make both of these varieties, but many online (and TV) guides suggest that it is really easy to do it without any experience, equipment or common sense.

    One of the best known recipes/methods is the one advocated in the episode of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's "River Cottage", in which he makes "Elderflower Champagne". As Hugh likes everything to be as organic and natural as possible, and is limited by the length of the time slots for each segment within his show, his recipe and method has a habit of producing varying results and exploding bottles...

  3. Over Chistmas and Boxing day, I finished off the barrel of Jennings Cocker Hoop that I made in early November. In style and ingredients, it is quite similar to  Moorhouses Pendle Witches Brew and is a smooth, rich, pale coloured, malty beer, not quite a Golden Ale, but very tasty and recommended for anybody that doesn't like IPAs or darker bitters. As it is now finished, I have now broached the barrel of Abbot Ale