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  1. For my first All Grain Brew of the year I am making up the version of Fullers London Pride as per the recipe in Graham Wheeler's book "Brew Your Own British Real Ale" (2009 Edition). The recipe uses 3750g of Pale Malt, 370g of Crystal Malt and four types of hops to give a smooth, full flavoured beer with a target OG of 1040 and an ABV of 3.9%. Target, Challenger and Northdown Hops are used as the main boil hops, with Goldings as the late addition hops.

  2. For many Country Winemakers, winter can be a bit of a dull time with few natural ingredients readily available and all of last Autumn's fruit wines still maturing, but January is a good time to have a go at either Raisin Wine or Grapefruit Wine. Both of these, together with Date Wine to help you use up that box that always turns up in Christmas Hampers, are listed in CJJ Berry's wonderful book, "First Steps in Winemaking".

  3. Sam and I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and hope that your heads do not hurt too much after last night's merrymaking.

    We hope that you and your friends and guests have been enjoying the fruits of your recent beer and winemaking efforts and that, from a purely selfish point of view, you have seriously run down your stock and need to come and visit us soon to start replenishing your supplies.